Just because it’s getting chilly doesn’t mean you have to head indoors for good. With a few friends, a thermos full of caramel cider (or, ahem, something stronger), and a big blanket, you can still have that picnic you forgot about in August. This week’s featured foodie, Jessie Snyder of Faring Well, agrees. She’s here to share some of her coziest—yet still outdoor-friendly—fall recipes, and we’re ready to dig in.

1. Nutella-Swirled Pumpkin Bread

Bland pumpkin bread from the coffee shop around the corner does not compare to homemade Nutella-swirled pumpkin bread from your oven. Yeah, we’re pretty sure that’s a universal fact. This recipe includes a recipe for better-for-you DIY Nutella (and we’re never eating anything else… ), but you can you the store-bought spread if you already have a jar.

2. Caramel Apple Cider

What’s better than fresh apple cider, you ask? Warm, spiced, whipped coconut cream-covered, caramel-drizzled cider, of course! Boil apples and cinnamon sticks in water for two hours (plenty of time to pull out your sweaters and put away the crop tops), then strain into a giant mug. Sip slowly; breathe deeply.

3. Golden Vegetable Bowl

Fall vegetables are sweet and rich—exactly what we want to eat on a chilly night. This bowl has cauliflower, eggplant, and delicata squash, but try carrots, sweet potatoes, and butternut too. And speaking of swaps, if you can’t find spelt berries (or just happen to have a lot of brown rice or quinoa in your cabinet), try alternative grains; the lemony dressing tastes great on just about anything.

4. Apple Crumb Cakes

In the mood for a second breakfast? Need a pre-dinner pick-me-up? Stuck in traffic and desperately in need of a snack? These apple cakes are the answer. Sweet from apples and a hint of maple syrup, these bad boys take just 30 minutes from start to finish, so you best get on it.

Campfire Apple Crisp Breakfast

Whether you’re sitting around the campfire or heating up the crappy stove in your dorm, this apple crisp-inspired breakfast skillet tastes just like a crisp fall morning. The apples and oats are sweet and starchy, which makes them taste even better spooned over a bowl of yogurt.

Jessie Snyder is a plant-based food blogger and photographer in southern California. Her blog, Faring Well, is all about using the most wholesome ingredients in delicious ways. For more from Jessie, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.