Since I graduated Culinary school and was introduced on how to cook various cuts of meats, I started playing with flavors that I loved, and thought…. welp, Mole is a chocolate type sauce that goes well with Beef and Chicken, how can I pump it up? Espresso!!! Its always a hit when I make it, and goes great with either a wild mushroom risotto or some mashed red bliss with Bleu cheese.

  • Yield: about 4 portions
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Total: 3-4 hrs
  • Active: 1 hr

Ingredients (15)

  • 3# beef short ribs, bone in, English style. Trimmed fat and skin.
  • As needed: AP flour for dusting & 2 tbsp AP flour
  • ¼ c Veg oil
  • 1 ½ c onions, ½” dice
  • ¾ c carrots, peeled, ½” dice
  • ¼ celery. ½” dice
  • 1 tsp garlic, minced
  • ½ c tomatoes, peeled, seeded, ½” dice
  • 1 ½ c dry red wine
  • 2 c beef stock
  • 1 tbs thyme
  • 1 tsp rosemary leaves, chopped
  • 2 bay leaves & 1 tsp tomato paste
  • 1/2 c Espresso
  • 1/2 c dark chocolate chopped (shaved)


  1. wrap short ribs indiviudally with butchers twine to prevent them from falling off the bone while braising. Season beef with S&P. Dust w. flour. Heat oil in lg braising pan Over high heat. Brown ribs on all sides. Transfer to platter and reserve. Reduce heat to Med.
  2. Cook carrots and onions in same pan, till golden. Add celery and cook until soft. Add garlic, cook until fragrant. 30 sec.
  1. Stir in flour, until veg are coated, 1 min. add tomato, wine, stock, herbs and Paste. Bring to boil and return ribs. Ribs should be almost covered. Return to a boil, cover and place in oven at 250. Simmer until tender. 2-3 hrs.
  2. Remove ribs, remove excess veg, discard loose bones. Strain braising liquid. Press out liquid from solids and discard solids. Degrease.
  3. Once sauce is strained, add in Chocolate and espresso until desired taste is reached. Correct seasoning, thicken as desired. Replace ribs back into sauce and let simmer and take in the new flavors for about a 1/2 hr, partially covered.
  4. Serve with sauce and desired starch and veg. *Note: Ive used Dove, Dark Chocolate squares in the past, but any higher quality chocolate will work. I have also used a coffee extract from the bakery which also works nice, but doesnt give you the same “pump” that the espresso gives you!