This article was created in partnership with Daily Harvest.

As a kid raised on meat and potatoes, learning to love vegetables was a struggle. My parents did their best to add veggies to my plate, but what can I say, bacon tastes better than grapefruit. Always.

In adulthood, though, I’ve come to realize I need to do better. I tried to make it work with salad (it’s not me, salad, it’s definitely you), and even in an office with fruits and vegetables free for the taking, I usually end up face first in a bowl of carbs.

Thankfully, I was introduced to Daily Harvest. DH delivers frozen plant-based superfood meals in pre-prepped cups that require, at most, one step before they’re ready to eat (think blending a smoothie or heating a grain bowl in the microwave). Each single-serving cup is stuffed to the brim with organic fruit and vegetables, and there are so many options, you’ll never get bored.

Today’s lunch saver, for example, was Daily Harvest’s warm Beet + Sesame Harvest Bowl—a combo of beets, avocado, macadamia nuts, tamari, ginger, and gochugaru (a dried chili pepper found in Korean cuisine) with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and a sesame-ginger sauce. To say it was good—like I’ll-fight-you-for-this-good—is an understatement, but the best part? No post-lunch slump. I felt full and energized.

While the Harvest Bowls are a game changer for lunch and dinner, you can also choose from a selection of soups, overnight oats, smoothies (some of which legit taste like milkshakes), chia parfaits, and lattes—yes, lattes! Each ready-to-go meal is delivered straight to your door. Stuff ’em in the freezer and eat when hungry. It’s really that simple—something I never thought I’d say about eating all my fruits and vegetables.