We’ve all been there… you roll over in the morning, realize it’s waaay past your normal “I should be up by now” time, and run out the door without even tying your shoes. On mornings like these, it’s easy to pop by your local Starbucks (or DD or Panera) and get a quick bite to eat along with a much needed cup o’ joe. But with a little more preparation—and maybe one more alarm—you can enjoy a healthier version of those coffee shop breakfasts at home. Because really, who wants to pay $7 for something you could def make yourself for half the price?

We’ve rounded up our favorite copycat Starbucks recipes that are a cinch to make and that use better-for-you ingredients, so you can start your day off on a high note instead of a sugar crash. Prep them the night before and reheat in the a.m. or just assemble in the morning—none are overly complicated. It’s not quite as easy as hitting the drive-thru, but your wallet (and patience) will thank you.

1. Protein Bistro Box

How gorgeous do these meal-prep-friendly bistro boxes look?! Hard-boil some eggs, cut up carrots and celery, and add in a few slices of apple along with a tablespoon of your favorite nut butter. If you’re a fan of the original, you’ll recognize the Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds—they’re the same pita that comes in the OG box.

2. Spinach and Feta Wrap

Take one look at the hella-long ingredient list in the store-bought version and you’ll be running to make a better-for-you wrap at home. This quick recipe requires just five ingredients—egg whites, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, feta, and a wrap of choice. Simplicity is key.

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte Overnight Oats

This sweet recipe turns Starbucks’s famous fall drink into a full-on breakfast, coffee included (how convenient is that?). Greek yogurt and oats will keep you full till lunch, while the coffee gives you that a.m. caffeine buzz you crave in one less step. Mix all the ingredients in a coffee mug or bowl, and let sit overnight.

4. Cranberry Bliss Bars

OK, so these are probably meant to be a snack or a dessert rather than a breakfast, but who are we to judge?! These cookie bars are made with white whole-wheat flour, coconut sugar, and a Greek yogurt frosting, so they’re at least better for ya than a packaged granola bar or the scone in the Starbucks case.

5. Bacon, Egg, and Gouda Sandwich

Oh Gouda, how we love you so. Some crusty bread, a slice of bacon, a scrambled egg, and a slice of the decadent cheese come together to make this rich and gooey breakfast sandwich. Swap the ciabatta for a whole-wheat wrap or slice of bread to get some more healthy grains in your day (but keep the bacon… duh).

6. Healthier Pumpkin Bread

Those coffee-line breakfast loaves can be very hard to resist, so we had to include a healthier at-home version to help keep cravings at bay. Egg whites, whole-wheat flour, and maple syrup go a long way in lightening up this super-sweet bread, and pepitas add a nutty crunch. Try it with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top. BRB, drooling already.

7. Turkey Bacon and Egg White Sandwich

Egg whites and turkey bacon are pretty common healthier-eating swaps, and for good reason—they taste just as good as your old bacon and eggs combo. Especially when added to an English muffin with warm spinach and shredded cheddar cheese (plus a dab of hot sauce, always). Make a bunch on Sunday to freeze and reheat through the week… this breakfast classic doesn’t get old.