If you’re anything like us, you’re familiar with the last cup of coffee scenario: It’s not quite enough for another cup and you’re supposed to leave for work in three minutes. Do you chug it or dump it down the train? Neither! We’re sharing the best possible meals and treats (sweet and savory) for however much extra joe you’ve got; be it several ounces or just a few teaspoons. So before you tackle your day, pour whatever’s left into a jar with a lid. Pop it in the fridge—you’re going to need (and want) it later.

1. Bean Chili With Walnuts and Chocolate

A bubbling pot of chili on the stove is dinner to feed a crowd (tonight and for the next two days). While the standard tomato-and-beef version is all well and good, this bean-based vegetarian chili takes on more intense flavor with the help of chopped dark chocolate, crispy walnuts, and a heavy pour of coffee.

2. Mocha Overnight Oats

More often than not, breakfast is eaten on the morning commute. But if you’ve ever tried to eat oatmeal and hold a cup of coffee while in transit, you know how necessary it is to find an easier method. The answer is mocha overnight oats. Here’s how we do it: Pour the morning’s last quarter cup of coffee into a jar with oats, almond milk, cocoa powder, and maple syrup; mix well; and place in the fridge overnight. Bam—tomorrow’s breakfast is ready.

3. Savory Oatmeal With Chorizo and Red Eye Gravy

If you’re not on the savory oatmeal-wave yet, there’s no time like the present. Pour a tangy red eye gravy—that’s a tomato- and coffee-based flour-thickened sauce—over oatmeal and spicy chopped chorizo. Top with a fried egg and chives. Be it brunch or dinner, this is a meal that will stick with you.

4. Iced Coffee Cocktail

“Caffeine just doesn’t affect me.” We bet at least one of your friends says this on regular basis. This is the cocktail you should serve them. While the recipe calls for cold brew, you can throw your leftover coffee in the fridge for a few hours to achieve a near-identical effect. Not trying to get wired at cocktail hour? Go decaf, no problem.

5. Coffee Smoothie

Whether it’s breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up, a banana and nut butter smoothie gets even better when blended with a strong cup of coffee. Add oats to make the drink a little more filling and top with chopped chocolate because you’re worth it.

6. Coffee Chia Pudding

We love chia seed pudding recipes, but we’re getting a little tired of the same fruity toppings. Before leaving your kitchen in the morning, pour leftover coffee into a jar with chia seeds, milk, and vanilla bean powder (or extract). Stir in your favorite liquid sweetener and toss it in the fridge. By the time you get home, dessert will be waiting for you. Go decaf if you can’t handle that burst of energy before bed (or save it for breakfast the next day).

7. Spicy Orange and Coffee BBQ Sauce

That oh-so-pleasant belly-warming sensation that comes from the first few sips of coffee? It’s happening in this barbecue sauce too. A spicy blend of ketchup, cider vinegar, orange marmalade, Sriracha and—of course—coffee, this punchy sauce livens up chicken, rib, and tofu dinners galore. Clean eaters: Don’t be intimidated by the brown sugar; this recipe makes five cups of sauce, and that’s definitely not the serving size.

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