Pinterest isn't just a place where you can feast your eyes on food porn. You can also find amazing healthy recipes—and plenty of them. Below are five standout clean-eating boards that let whole foods shine and kick processed crap to the curb.

Bonus: You can also find clean-eating challenge boards, like these from Buzzfeed and PopSugar. They include meal plans and guidelines if you need some help getting started or want to go all in.

Clean Eating Recipes on Pinterest: Sonima
Photo: Grok Grub

Wellness website Sonima pins not only their own delicious recipes (farro risotto with peas and asparagus, anyone?) but also easy-to-follow videos, like this one on how to make the perfect chocolate almond butter smoothie. Stick around for top-notch suggestions from other sites, including this to-die-for waffle recipe from Sprouted Kitchen. and these smoked salmon egg avocados from Grok Grub.

Clean Eating Recipes on Pinterest: Amy's Healthy Baking
Photo: Amy's Healthy Baking

Any time you need a quick sweet but are trying to keep your diet clean, turn to our good pal Amy's board. You'll find everything from apple oat Greek yogurt pancakes to this blueberry almond crumble.

Clean Eating Recipes on Pinterest: Breakfast Criminals
Photo: Breakfast Criminals

Get your fill of fresh dishes, like this hearty vegetable coconut dhal soup, along with recipes from a host of other sites and bloggers, including this this roasted red pepper cashew cream from Beard and Bonnet. You'll also find interesting articles like this one about food-related guilt.

Clean Eating Recipes on Pinterest: Eating Bird Food
Photo: Eating Bird Food

Brittany Mullins is a health coach and personal trainer who blogs at Eating Bird Food. Don't be fooled by the name, though. Her recipes are both appetizing and filling. Whip up everything from a creamy avocado balsamic dressing to homemade chocolate peanut butter eggs.

Clean Eating Recipes on Pinterest: Lexi's Clean Kitchen
Photo: Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Lexi's Clean Kitchen features nothing but clean-eating recipes, so feel free to follow absolutely any board (from breakfast to grilling). If you're looking for one that includes a wide variety, though, follow her main board for recipes like pizza-stuffed peppers and a sheet pan chicken and veggie dinner.

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