Join Greatist's 10-Day Clean Eating Dinner Challenge!

Vegan, raw, vegetarian, gluten-free, clean eating—we toss around a lot of terms when discussing our diets. And there are many similarities between the terms, which makes it easy to get confused. Here’s the simple explanation of what it means to eat clean: You aim to consume only whole foods. That means recipes made from fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein that aren’t considered processed foods. Making this mindful adjustment will result in a diet that contains far less sugar, sodium, and artificial ingredients. (We could use that after a summer filled with fried food and a bit too much booze.)

We designed this 10-day dinner challenge to show that clean eating really can be easy and incredibly delicious. We know it’s difficult (and frankly exhausting) to always think about making healthy choices, so this challenge just focuses on weeknight dinner habits—and maybe lunch if we have some leftovers. Each day brings a new recipe with bold flavors, from loaded southwestern stuffed sweet potatoes to roasted salmon and bok choy. Are you in? (Yes!) Check out the weekly meal plans and printable grocery list below!

Week 1 Recipes

Week 2 Recipes

Grocery List

Alternative Meal Options