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We all know that special family—the family that loves to gather together to cook and eat. Picture it: The kids love standing on the step stool helping out, while their parents practice patience as flour dust flies through the air. Sound familiar?

As the holidays approach, you may find yourself racking your brain about the perfect Christmas presents to get that favorite family of yours. They probably don’t need another set of matching PJs, but perhaps, if your loved ones enjoy family meals and cooking together, kitchen and home-related gifts may fit the bill (or stocking). We’ve rounded up some festive family-friendly gifts that will make any gourmet clan smitten and eager to cook and indulge together.

Children and adults alike love some waffle action on weekends, so give the gift of a cozy weekend breakfast staple as good as any restaurant’s with this double Belgian waffle maker. Families can make sweet and savory waffles, two at a time, in less than four minutes. This appliance produces perfectly crisp and fluffy waffles with signature deep, square grooves, perfect for collecting syrup, chocolate, whipped cream, and whatever else they’re into.Buy Now

What family doesn’t love pasta? And many don’t realize that making homemade pasta is actually quite easy—and affordable. This classic steel pasta maker will last a lifetime and will make that favorite family of yours’ next dinner party unforgettable. What kid wouldn’t want to roll out pasta dough then enjoy the fruits of their labor? Once the crew indulges in comforting homemade spaghetti, linguine, and more, they’ll skip the pre-made stuff. Plus, the pasta maker looks great on countertops, and will instantly impress their friends with their culinary bravado.Buy Now

This festive, bright red popcorn maker would make many families happy and content. Hot air popcorn makers produce healthy and quick popcorn for an almost instant snack (or meal on those most hectic days). Families can get creative with sweet and salty toppings as they settle into the sofa and watch “Home Alone” or “Eight Crazy Nights” again this holiday season. Pass the popcorn, please! No microwave or fake butter required.Buy Now

If you know a family of big fondue fans, you may want to treat them to the indulgence of raclette—whenever they want. Raclette is a French and Swiss cheese that’s the star component of a raclette party; the cheese is traditionally melted and spread or scraped onto comfort foods such as baked potatoes, ham, and cornichons using a raclette maker or grill. We suggest getting one for that family you love, and one for you. Go ahead; you deserve your gooey melty, cheesy goodness all winter long. And we promise you will be the star of the dinner party circuit each year. Buy Now

Get your favorite family’s kids ready to bake with their very own baking book that the whole clan can enjoy. Kids will feel part of the action as they gain confidence in the kitchen and will learn basic baking techniques, like kneading dough and measuring flour. They’ll have fun picking delectable recipes such as banana and chocolate chip mini muffins; lemon olive oil tart; and Brazilian goodies, pão de queijo—and everyone will enjoy eating them.Buy Now

Cooks of all ages can look smart and be ready to make some holiday feasts or Christmas cookies with these customizable aprons available in child and adult sizes. You can choose the specific color and inscription for each one in the set, and combinations of one or two adult aprons with up to four child-sized versions. The kids will feel an important part of the kitchen action when they tie these on and practice for their future “MasterChef Junior” debut! The parents will cherish the photos even after the little ones grow out of their aprons.Buy Now

Ring in the holiday cheer with this traditional holiday cookie press. Families will have fun getting into the holiday spirit, creating and decorating festive cookie shapes such as wreaths, trees, and snowflakes. Plus, spritz cookies taste pretty delicious, too. The clan who gets this kit will easily be the star at the next holiday cookie baking exchange. Buy Now

If those cute kids that you know and love really like to cook, why not invest in a cooking club subscription and give them the confidence and excitement of learning new skills? Raddish is designed for kids of all ages; little ones will need to work alongside an adult in the kitchen, while older kids can use Raddish independently. Every month, a themed kit comes in the mail with three recipes, a kid-sized cooking tool, handy tips and lessons, and a fun craft, with cooking videos and themed playlists to stream while you work available online.Buy Now

You might know Misha Collins from the TV show “Supernatural,” but his fun, family-focused cookbook (written with his wife, Vicki Collins), aims to get kids interested in cooking—and by extension, in eating real, nutritious food. Encouraging them to help experiment in the kitchen fosters positive relationships with food and makes for great family bonding time.Buy Now

Parents may not love cleaning up this mess, but kids will certainly dig these ceremonial confetti poppers at special meal times or New Year’s Eve. They just scream P-A-R-T-Y. The whole family will feel festive and happy, and that new vacuum of theirs will be put to good use too!Buy NowSee our sister sites’ holiday gift guides for more: