It's the age-old question: Is chocolate really healthy? We say, absolutely. We like to tell ourselves that when we are half-way through a dark chocolate bar, but we also have the science to back it up. If you have questions that are keeping you up at night (like, is the caffeine in chocolate enough to make you toss and turn?), we've got answers.  And if you just want to get in the kitchen and start making your own chocolate recipes, we have over 40 ways to make your favorite sweet (some of these recipes don't even require baking).
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The Pros and Cons

Is Chocolate Actually Healthy?

The pros and cons of the beloved bar (and brownie, and pudding, and cupcake).

How Much Caffeine Is Really in Chocolate? Here's the Truth Behind the Buzz

Can I eat a whole bag of chocolate chips before bedtime? *asking for a friend*