This article is in partnership with Chilly Cow, a new ice cream brand that wants to save you from yourself.

Let’s cut to the chase: Diet ice cream is usually chalky and sad. Eating it means disrespecting your cravings, and that only leads to regret, heartbreak, and waking up in a pool of melted cookie dough and tears. But polishing off a pint of real ice cream usually just makes you feel bleh. What’s an ice cream lover to do??

Here’s our secret: Chilly Cow. It’s a new light dessert that doesn’t strip ice cream of its decadent soul. You can feel good about indulging without betraying your sweet tooth. Win-freakin’-win.

Some genius over at Chilly Cow HQ decided to package the desserts in half-size pints and single-serving bars, so you don’t have to decide between letting the rest of the ice cream melt and getting off the couch between SVU episodes to put it back in the freezer. #bless.

Not sold? Chilly Cow flavors include Brown Butter Salted Caramel, Vanilla Graham Swirl, and Sweet Cream Peanut Butter. Now you know why we’re likely to eat the whole (half) pint.

This is your ice cream.