Whether your favorite thing to do during the summer is going for a long hike or reading magazines by the pool, you’re going to need hydration—and there’s nothing worse than lukewarm liquids when all you want is an ice-cold beverage. We’ve found the best water bottles for every occasion, many of which will also keep your hot drinks hot (for when the weather starts to cool off again or when you want to keep that matcha latte piping).

There’s a reason it’s called a "sport cap": It allows for easy hydration and zero spillage. Also, the bottle’s TempShield insulation keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, so no matter how hot your studio, your water will stay just as chill as you are.

($35.95; hydroflask.com)

If you’re heading out for a few hours in the sun, this stainless-steel bottle will keep your drink cold for a solid 90 hours, and its loop top makes it easy to carry or clip onto a backpack.

($36.95; kleankanteen.com)

When you’re really working up a sweat, you want a bigger bottle that’s easy to drink from. Case in point: this leak-proof, lightweight number.

($16; camelbak.com)

Let’s be honest: A picnic isn’t a picnic without vino. Pour an entire bottle of your favorite vintage into this triple-insulated bottle, which conveniently comes with a filling funnel, cleaning brush, and triple-insulation technology.

($32.99; kohls.com)

Not only will these sleek vessels keep your smoothie cool for more than a full day, they also don’t sweat, so there’s none of that annoying condensation. Plus, every purchase funds a clean water or health project, so you can feel even better while you down your morning fruits and veggies.

($29.95; miir.com)

Yeah, it has vacuum-insulated technology and all that good stuff, but with its blue, pink, and black modern floral pattern, this bottle is just so damn cute—you’re guaranteed to get props from your coworkers.

($22.99; cheekyhome.com)

We’re not exactly sure why you’d need to keep your matcha hot for 24 hours, but if longevity is your thing, go for this classic from Stanley. And yep, like most old-school brands, the lid doubles as a cup.

($35; stanley-pmi.com)

This seriously lightweight, BPA- and PVC-free bottle collapses when you’re done with it, so you can easily stash it in a carry-on, backpack, purse, fanny pack—whatever your preferred travel bag. Plus, it can be frozen or filled with hot liquid if you’re hitting the backcountry and need a coffee on the trail.

($17.95; backcountry.com)

Even if you're just chilling by the community pool, this frond-printed number will transport you to the tropics. Plus, it’ll keep your water—or rum drink—cold for 24 hours. All it’s missing is a paper umbrella.

($35; swellbottle.com)

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