Gluten-free pasta is something of a contradiction. You can’t expect mac and cheese made with bean pasta to taste like the boxed stuff you made in college, but that’s actually the best part of cooking with these noodles. With different flavors and textures than your typical box of penne, alternate grain and carb-based noodles allow you to play with ingredients you never thought would go together. Just looking for a GF option to cover with cheese and sauce, you say? Some of these grain-free pastas taste just as neutral as the spaghetti Mom used to make. Open your mind and pick up one of these nine gluten-free pastas at the grocery store this week.

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1. Banza Chickpea Pasta

One of our favorite pastas of the bunch, protein-rich Banza gets its power from chickpeas. Toss the subtly nutty-flavored pasta with sautéed veg and sun-dried tomatoes for a bright dinner you’ll want every night this week.Ready for a chickpea bonanza? Buy it now.

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2. King Soba Black Rice Pasta Noodles

These striking purple-black noodles pair just as well with marinara as they do with peanut sauce. King Soba noodles’ best texture is revealed when slightly undercooked and refreshed with cold water.Go purple. Buy it now.

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3. Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Pasta

The most similar to wheat pasta in flavor and taste, Ancient Harvest is just waiting to help you trick your dinner guests into eating a completely GF bolognese. Mmm, penne bolognese. Buy it now.

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4. Jovial Organic Brown Rice Pasta

Throw Jovial pasta into a big grain bowl with sautéed greens, mushrooms, and cabbage—only this time, you won’t be waiting an hour for the brown rice to cook.Start building your grain bowl. Buy it now.

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5. Bionaturae Organic Rice, Potato, and Soy Pasta

A blend of rice, potatoes, and soy (all neutral-tasting carbs), Bionaturae pasta is ready to become the most satisfying mac and cheese your GF stomach has ever had. You. Are. Welcome.GF elbow noodles FTW. Buy it now.

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6. Eden Foods Buckwheat Soba Pasta

If soba noodles aren’t part of your weekly pasta routine, it’s time to change things up. Toss Eden pasta with roasted broccoli and soy-ginger sauce, and plop a chunk of salmon on top. Ohhhhhhyeah.It’s better than takeout. Buy it now.

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7. Explore Cuisine Organic Edamame Pasta

Only know edamame as that out-to-dinner appetizer? Open your mind to Explore Cuisine pasta and embrace the green noodles by coating them in kale pesto and sautéed greens.Go green. Buy it now.

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8. Tolerant Organic Red Lentil Pasta

Take a break from lentil soups and curries in favor of Tolerant pasta. The red lentil-based noodles are perfect in pasta primavera—just made sure not to overcook ’em so they hold their shape.Think you can Tolerant it? Buy it now.

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9. Trader Joe’s Organic Black Bean Pasta

With a distinct flavor, Trader Joe’s bean pasta is the best choice when you want your noodles to actually bring something to the dish. Refusing to hide behind neutral flavor, this gluten-free option makes a perfect base for a corn, tomato, avocado, and red onion pasta salad.Just in time for summer. Buy it now.