You know when two worlds collide and it turns into something really amazing? This is one of those moments. Think of your motivated self who wakes up every weekday morning and whips up a smoothie after a sweaty workout. Then take the weekend, dance-partying version of you who doesn’t think twice about staying up ’til the sun rises. These four spiked smoothies combine your morning routine with your late-night shenanigans.

They aren’t far off from your usual smoothie recipes: A base of nondairy milk or coconut water gets mixed with fruit, nut butters, and superfoods. But a splash of spirits takes them to another level. After all, life is all about balance, right?

1. Iced Cinnamon Coconut Latte

Rise and shine, it’s coffee cocktail time! This is basically a breakfast shake and a cold brew in one. The best part is you can keep things dairy-free with a touch of Baileys Almande. But you might want to quadruple the batch—it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.Makes: 1 servingINGREDIENTS1/2 cup cold brew3 teaspoons coconut oil1/2 teaspoon cinnamon3 ounces Baileys Almande1/4 cup almond milk1/2 frozen banana1 date1/8 teaspoon vanilla extract5 ice cubesDIRECTIONSAdd all ingredients to blender and mix for 45-60 seconds.

2. Watermelon Peach Summer Smoothie

What’s a party without tequila? A snoozefest. Blend summer fruits to make the liquid base (it’s called watermelon, after all), then add a splash of lime juice and a touch of tequila. You’ll wonder if you became a mixology master overnight.Makes: 1 servingINGREDIENTS2 cups chopped watermelon1 cup frozen peaches1 1/2 ounces Don Julio tequila1/2 lime, juiced5 ice cubesMint leaves, for garnishDIRECTIONSAdd all ingredients to blender, except mint, and mix for 45-60 seconds. Garnish with mint leaves.

Shake Up Happy Hour


If you thought nut milks were a game changer, wait ’til you try this dairy-free beverage. Baileys Almande—which also happens to be gluten-free and vegan—is a light-tasting liqueur that uses real almond milk made from sweet almond oil and almond essence, cane sugar, and purified water with a touch of vanilla. It’s light-tasting, delicious, and equally great over ice or in a cocktail.

3. Creamy Coconut Blueberry Cooler

You’ve made this smoothie recipe a bajillion times (sans alcohol), so it may not seem like something you must. make. immediately. But once you add the splash of Baileys Almande, the only thing keeping you from drinking it too fast is brain freeze.Makes: 1 servingINGREDIENTS3/4 cup coconut water3 ounces Baileys Almande1 frozen banana1/4 cup frozen blueberries1 tablespoon almond butter5 ice cubesDIRECTIONSAdd all ingredients to blender and mix for 45-60 seconds.

4. Piña-Banana Colada

This smoothie recipe is proof you don’t need heavy cream or dairy to make a frothy, beachy cocktail. But TBH, we feel like we’re cheating by calling this one a smoothie, because it tastes just like the piñas we sip on during vacay. Note: We use the coconut milk from the carton, which is a bit more like almond milk—but if you use coconut milk from the can, you’ll be adding more fat and way more creaminess.Makes: 1 servingINGREDIENTS2 cups frozen pineapple1/2 frozen banana1/2 cup coconut milk1 1/2 ounces Captain Morgan spiced rum (or try coconut rum for even beachier vibes)1/2 lime, juice only5 ice cubesDIRECTIONSAdd all ingredients to blender and mix for 45-60 seconds.

Photography: Kate Kosaya