Yurbuds Venture Pro

Our search for the perfect pair of earphones may finally be over (seventh time’s a charm?). The simple and minimalist design of these Yurbuds makes them both stylish and functional for every situation, from crushing a set of burpees at the gym to drowning out noisy coworkers (which we know nothing about).

The ergonomic earbuds fit snugly in the ears, and actually stay there, even on the longest and sweatiest runs. And we found the rubber ear piece to be much more comfortable than plastic versions, like the ones that come as a standard iPhone accessory. But like those iPhone headphones, the Yurbud Venture Pro comes outfitted with a sweat- and water-resistant microphone so you can control phone calls, music tracks, and volume through the click of a button.

The sound quality in these headphones is also hard to beat, especially for this price point. (We’re hearing baselines in our favorite songs that we never knew existed!) Our favorite thing about these headphones also sounds the silliest: Yurbuds outfitted the Venture Pro series with magnets in the earbuds, which means they easily snap together when you wind them up—no more untangling wires when your headphones end up at the bottom of your bag.

The price tag is a little steep, but they’re built to last and totally worth the invesetment (in our opinion). However Yurbuds also offers a number of less expensive, equally awesome models, including a new line specially designed for women that come with smaller earbuds and start as low as $20.