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Get flour, beans, and cheese delivered to your doorstep.

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A trip to the grocery store has long been something I’ve enjoyed. Picking out produce, perusing the aisles, and chatting up the deli clerk is a part of my day that I really look forward to. Right now, however, the world looks different. Social interaction needs to be kept to a minimum, and for that reason, millions of Americans are reaching for the ease and safety of online shopping more than ever. And while you may be familiar with the big companies who deliver produce, meats, and seafood to your door, you might be on the lookout for ways to keep your pantry stocked—without having to head outside.

As a chef and recipe developer, I know exactly where to find high-quality ingredients and hard-to-find items online. Ahead are my absolute favorite online shopping outlets for pantry ingredients and beyond, both staple and a bit obscure, which are shipping nationally, right to your doorstep.

If you want organic food, look to Thrive Market. The annual fee (about $5 a month) is well worth it, as they have both recognizable brands along with their own label of pantry, beauty, paper goods, ethical proteins like grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and sustainable seafood. Thrive Market also boasts diet alternatives, like dairy-, sugar-, and gluten-free products. Buy Now

Boxed is another online grocer which houses big box, grocery store staples, like chips, Oreos, seltzer, toilet paper, garbage bags, and a variety of cleaning products. Through Boxed’s rewards program, you earn points with each purchase towards future savings and promotional pricing. Buy Now

Adventurous in the kitchen? Need some harissa and preserved lemon, stat? Snuk Foods is for you. This online, global pantry allows you to shop by country or cuisine, providing recipes for almost every ingredient they sell. Expect the likes of bonito flakes, noodles, miso paste, specialty honey, dried fruits and nuts, teas, coffee, preserves, a variety of flours, sauces, and even medicinal foods like ashwagandha root and spirulina powder. Buy Now

Another must in my kitchen is superb extra virgin olive oil. Kosterina is an uber premium, early harvest extra virgin olive oil from southern Greece. It’s harvested to maximize natural antioxidant content and has a delicious, buttery taste. I use it for both light sautés and as a finishing oil. Recently, Kosterina has introduced flavored oils and a chocolate collection. I am obsessed with their garlic oil (your garlic bread will never be the same after you drizzle some of this oil on hot bread!), and while you’re at it, grab some fabulous flavored balsamic vinegars, lik fig balsamic, which should be immediately drizzled on a bowl of fresh strawberries. Buy Now

Food52 is not only a great resource for recipes and cooking inspiration, but they also have an unparalleled online store that has grown exponentially over the past few years. Along with unique housewares, they also carry tasty foods from small purveyors of specialty items you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll discover artisanal coffee, teas, and hot chocolate on a stick (my children are obsessed!), along with herb blends, pâtés, salsas, and grilling packages perfect for summer, complete with kielbasa and bratwurst. Buy Now

For spices, I head straight to Burlap and Barrel. The first and only comprehensive single-origin spice company in the US, Burlap & Barrel travels the globe, working directly with small farmers to source spices for home cooks and professional chefs. Because of their work, farmers are able to export their own crops and produce a much higher quality product. This is your destination for hard-to-find spices, like black urfa chili, wild Icelandlic kelp, and cured sumac; I personally can’t live without their royal cinnamon from Vietnam, which I tend to whisk into pancakes. Buy Now

For foreign and domestic meats and cheeses, check out Murray’s. At this NYC-based cheese store, you’ll find an enormous selection, ranging from blue cheese to mozzarella, along with other essential pantry items like crackers, jam, and honey. You can even opt for premade meat and cheese boards to take the guesswork out of what cheese to pair with complimentary meats and sausage. I recommend the La Dolce Vita package, replete with Taleggio, prosciutto, and wedges of gorgonzola. Buy Now

Like toilet paper, flour is in high demand. When the grocery store shelf is bare, head to Janie’s Mill, whose specialty flours are straight from the mill. This Midwest company—a fifth generation family-run business—produces top tier flour to elevate all your baking needs. There are flours for every occasion, including Italian-style flour perfect for pizza crust, cake flour primed for a birthday celebration, and more esoteric options like spelt and einkorn flour. Buy Now