Most fitness fanatics have a complicated relationship with the treadmill. For many, the “dreadmill” (aka Satan’s conveyor belt) is a necessarily evil, a way to get in some quick cardio when the weather turns too cold for outdoor runs. And we get it; walking or running and not actually going anywhere can make us feel like we’re on a human hamster wheel too. (Plus, the treadmill happens to be the perfect clothes rack for all the stuff that won’t fit in our closet!) We’ve already given you 21 reasons to get reacquainted with the treadmill. But let’s add another one to the list: choreographed dance parties.

OK Go pioneered the treadmill dance music video with “Here It Goes Again,” but NordicTrack just brought the art form to a whole new level with more than 40 ‘mills in this video. Part of the exercise equipment company’s #makefunhappen campaign, this music video ends up being a string of things you probably shouldn’t try while using your treadmill, like playing your saxophone, doing a ballet routine, riding your motorcycle, rollerblading, and skateboarding. Potentially dangerous stunts aside, this video is another great reminder that we should really give the treadmill a second chance.