For being such a simple act, shaving involves an awful lot of stuff. There’s the shaving cream, the razor, and the stream of water (or a wet washcloth, for those tragic times when the shower is already taken).

With the Sphynx, you get all your shaving tools in one cool gadget. The egg-shaped, 3-in-1 shaver is intended for traveling, but we wouldn’t blame you for using at home. Turn the dial to the refillable water cartridge and spritz your leg, give it another turn and slide the shea butter soap bar over your skin, then twist once more and have at it with the razor. Rub your leg appreciatively. Marvel.

Cleaning the residue off the razor is the only tricky part, but when we’re shaving on the go, nitpicking about razor cleanliness is rarely our top priority. Plus, each Sphynx comes with two blades, so when one gets a little gnarly, just turn the dial to the second one.

Toss the Sphynx in your bag whether you’re headed to the gym or your significant other’s place (during the pre-drawer stage, that is). But for everyone’s sake, please don’t whip the Sphynx out on the subway. Just imagine if your hand slips.