Stuff We Love App: Power Nap App

Power Nap App

There's no shortage of sleep apps out there—do a quick search on iTunes and you'll get more than 4,500 results. So what makes this one stand out? It's perfectly designed for one of our favorite activities: cat naps.

While most alarm clocks give you free rein, Power Nap (available on iOS devices) puts a 30-minute time limit on your snooze. As the info button explains, shorter power naps help restore wakefulness and productivity, while naps that last longer than 30 minutes can lead to impaired alertness—the dreaded groggy feeling known as sleep inertia. The app is incredibly easy to use and comes with 10 different background noises (from waves to thunder) and plenty of science-backed napping tips. The biggest plot twist: Drink coffee before you lay down. These so-called coffee naps work because caffeine doesn't kick in for 45 minutes.

When your slumber is done, an adorable cartoon cat is waiting for you—the perfect greeting to kick-start the rest of your day. Our only complaint? We just wish they named it the Power N’App.

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