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Why do we love opening gifts? It’s the thrill of guessing what’s under the wrapping, that sweet carnal release at the first tear of paper, and the warmth that lingers from knowing someone cared enough to get you something nice.

You know what does those same things? Orgasms!

So why not give the gift of O’s with a sex toy this holiday season? Rhetorical question! Assuming you and the giftee are close, there’s no good reason not to.

That’s why we put together this list of 21 sex toys that totally live up to the buzz.

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Design by Alexis Lira

Pleasure and pleasure products aren’t one size fits all, so it’d be impossible to point to just one sex toy and say “Get this!”

Instead, we rounded up 21 high quality, body-safe sex toys and pleasure aids, including descriptions of the type of pleasure they’re designed to provide plus, what types of bodies and sensation-seekers they’re best for.

1. Hitachi Magic Wand Plus

Price: $$

The Hitachi is to pleasure toys what Shakespeare is to literature: an effing classic.

This microphone shaped machine entered the world in the 1960s as a back massager, got a little rebrand with the help of sex-positive feminists of the 70s (does the name Betty Dodson ring a bell?), and has since been rebranded as the Magic Wand.

These days, the Magic Wand is still the most powerful vibrator on the market. It features only two intensity levels, but they’d best be described as Ultra Intense and Ultra-X Intense. In other words, it’s not for the faint of heart crotch.

Buy the Hitachi Magic Wand Plus online.

2. Le Wand Petite

Price: $$$

If you’re looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing, try this sweetheart.

The micro-sized variation of Le Wands signature product, the Le Wand Petite proves small can be mighty. With 10 different intensity levels, this pretty pink vibrator will work for power-haters and power-hunters alike.

Buy Le Wand Petite online.

3. Le Wand Little Pleasures Set

Price: $$$

If you think the best twofer in the world is coconut oil, you haven’t heard of The Le Wand Little Pleasures Set.

Le Wand’s antidote to these trying times, this six-piece set features two of the manufacturers external vibe fan fave: Point & Bullet. The Point is a palm-shaped vibrator made of equal parts stainless steel and silicone, and the Bullet which is a luxurious take on the classic lipstick vibrator.

Best part: It comes in a fancy shmancy suede carrying case, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping paper.

Buy the Le Wand Little Pleasure Set online.

4. Sweet Vibes Charmed

Price: $

The type of stimulation a vibrator provides is generally classified as either pinpointed or broad stimulation.

As you might guess, pinpointed stimulators typically stimulate a very small surface area while broad stimulators massage a larger proportion of the erogenous zones.

Every pleasure-seeker has to figure out for themselves which type of stimulation is best for them. Thanks to this wand vibrator, you don’t have to choose. In addition to sporting the microphone shape, this toy features a curved fin designed to apply super-pinpointed pleasure.

Buy the Sweet Vibes Charmed online.

5. Zumio X

Price: $$

Shaped like an electric toothbrush, this baby sports an easy-to-hold handle with a thin Spirotip that juts out the end. (The Spirotip does all the stimulating). No larger than a nose-stud or freckle, the itty bitty ball-shaped tip moves in micro-circles, like a finger.

While Zumio currently has three different products (listed here in order of least to most intense): the Zumio S, Zumio X, and Zumio E, we recommend the Zumio X which is the oldest and most tried-tested-loved product from the manufacturer.

Buy the Zumio X online.

6. Womanizer Premium

Price: $$$

Is your gift receiver *heart eyes* for a tongue tornado? Give ‘em the gift of swirl and suck with an oral sex stimulator, like the Womanizer Premium.

This oral sex stimulator is ergonomically shaped to fit in your palm and it features a little nozzle that’s designed to cover those nerve-dense external stimulators.

For an even more realistic experience, try pairing the toy with lube (might we suggest Sliquid Sassy?).

Buy the Womanizer Premium online.

7. Biird Obii

Price: $$

One of the best things to come out of 2020, the Obii is the cutest clit suction toy in the history of clit suction toys.

Visually similar to a Pokemon character, this chickadee shaped toy is coated in body-safe silicone, and available in Easter-egg colors (mint, yellow, and pink). It also comes in a cute carrying and storage case.

Buy the Biird Obii online.

8. Dame Pillo

Price: $$

Ever stuffed your feather pillow under your boo’s hips in effort to find that just-right spot? While a decent solution when you’re in a crunch, sleeping pillows aren’t sturdy.

That’s why sex toy company Dame released this position pillow. Made of supportive-yet-supple foam, Pillo is designed to help you stay in the positions that are most pleasurable to you.

WFH-ers there’s another perk to the Pillo: It doubles as a laptop lap-desk. The more you know!

Buy the Dame Pillo online.

9. Liberator Fascinator Throw

Price: $$

Getting down and dirty can get a bit messy, which is why this plush throw is such a game changer. It doubles as a body fluid absorber thanks to a microfiber material on the outside and moisture barrier on the inside.

When all is said and done *wink wink* just pop this puppy in the washer.

Buy the Liberator Fascinator Throw online.

10. Calexotics Jack Rabbit Signature Heated Silicone Rabbit

Price: $$$

If your bb is a “Sex and the City” fan, they’ll recognize this toy’s two-pronged shape from the infamous episode where Charlotte skimps on plans to use a very similar-looking vibrator.

Known as a rabbit vibrator, the Jack Rabbit Signature Heated Silicone Rabbit features one vibrating arm for internal G-zone stimulation, and a second arm for external clitoral stimulation. (Blended orgasm, anyone?).

True to its name, this seven-speed vibrator literally heats up. It features a unique heating element that reaches a soothing temperature in just four minutes. Fun!

Buy the Calexotics Jack Rabbit Signature Heated Silicone Rabbit.

11. Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine Vibrator

Price: $

Designed as a G-spot stimulator, this 12-intensity vibrator features 6 insertable inches and a curved tip for internal pressure.

The one con: The battery only lasts 30 minutes, so the odds of it dying before you “die” (er, la petite mort) are higher with this vibe than others.

But the Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine Vibrator online.

12. We-Vibe Moxie

Price: $$

Long distance lovers need not look further than the We Vibe Moxie.

About the size of a pendrive, this vibrator can latch into your fave boxers, boy shorts, and bikini-style brief via a magnet, making them buzz.

Here’s why it’s so clutch for bicoastal babes: The Moxie can be controlled from afar with the help of the We Vibe App.

Buy the We-Vibe Moxie online.

13. New York Sex Toy Collective Jack 2-in-1 Silicone Stroker

Price: $$

A one of a kind product, Jack is both a stroker *and* a packer.

What does that mean exactly? Well, a packer is a phallic-shaped object designed to create the illusion of a biological penis underneath.

And a stroker is a toy designed to sheath and stimulate the external genitals. The most well-known strokers are made for people with penises (Fleshlight, Hot Octopus Pulse Duo, Tenga Egg), but there are strokers that can be used by people with clits (!). Jack is one of them.

Buy the New York Sex toy Collective Jack 2-in-1 Silicone Stroker online.

14. Tenga Egg

Price: $

This limited edition product by Tenga makes an A+ stocking stuffer.

A masturbator, vibrator cover, and sex glove all in one, this disposable toy is versatile AF.

Buy the Tenga Egg Lovers online.

15. Hot Octopus Pulse Duo Lux Stimulator

Price: $$$

This body-safe, ABS plastic stroker is basically a hot dog bun for your… meat.

The inner layer of this couple’s vibrator features a pulsating platelet designed to stimulate the (ahem) hot dog inside. And the outer shell offers buzzy vibrators, which your partner can press themselves against while mounting you.

If this sounds as close to a guaranteed simultaneous O as you’re gonna get, you’re right.

Buy the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux online.

16. Cute Little Fuckers Starsi

Price: $$

This bugger may look like something your 5-year-old cousin made out of Play-Doh, but it’s a pretty genius pleasure product.

About the size of your palm, Starsi is a multi-textured external vibrator designed to cover and coax joy from everything from D to V, bum to breasts.

Buy Cutie Little Fuckers Starsi online.

17. Fantasticocks Tanka The Sasquatch Dildo

Price: $$

Attention fantasizers, we’ve got a unique option for you: Tanka The Sasquatch Dildo.

Made by Fatasticocks, a sex toy retailer known for their high quality, customized pleasure products, this toy features alll the indentations and curves you’d expect from a dildo modeled after BigFoot.

While this product isn’t for everyone, it’ll bring oodles of pleasure to those who enjoy more fantastical role play.

Buy the Fantasticocks Tanka The Sasquatch Dildo online.

18. The CowGirl

Price: $$$$

Hey moneybags, if your giftee L-O-V-E-S vibration and already has a hearty collection of toys, consider The CowGirl.

A saddle-shape, The CowGirl is designed to be mounted until the rider moans. There are a wide variety of attachments for the machine, so whether you’re looking for external, anal, or vaginal stimulation, there’s an attachment for your needs.

Fair warning: This big boy is as loud as it is intense. Meaning, very.

Buy The Cowgirl online.

19. Tango Plug

Price: $

If you and your giftee have talked about traveling south, start with the Tango plug. One of the best beginner plugs on the market, this ultra-affordable plug is no thicker than your middle finger.

Just remember: Lube is a nonnegotiable for butt play. So, you’ll also want to throw in a water-based lube like Cake Tush Cush.

Buy Tango Butt Plug online.

20. nJoy Pure Plug

Price: $$

Hot take: The Pure Plug is the most beautiful butt plug in the world.

Crafted out of nonporous stainless steel, and expertly crafted to fit just right, the Pure Plug is a wonderful addition to any intermediate or advanced anal-sex haver’s toy collection.

Pro tip: Pop it in the freezer 1 hour ahead of use. Run it along your partner’s body to tease them. Then, when the toy’s close to body temp, lather with lube and ease inside.

Buy nJoy Pure Plug online.

21. Girl Sex 101

Price: $

Written by queer-icon Allison Moon, this illustrative guide is basically the queer, sex-positive version of The Care & Keeping Of You — the American Girl book nearly every vulva-owner got growing up.

You shouldn’t spring this read on someone you simply suspect might be gay. But, it’s a great gift for anyone who has recently come out or is otherwise exploring their sexuality.

Buy Girl Sex 101 online.