The bros need our help. And it’s not just because the GTL Jersey Shore lifestyle is in danger of being overtaken by lumbersexuals. Many of the protein shakes that bros love so dearly are chock-full of toxic chemicals—especially considering the levels they're ingesting with how many #brotein shakes they can throw back in a day.

But we've got great news. Clever marketers over at Organic Valley put together this hilarious video, a rallying cry of sorts to convince us to tell our nearest and dearest bros to check out a better alternative: the company’s line of organic fuel drinks. (And while we’re shelling out recommendations, we're big fans of PlantFusion’s all-natural protein powder.)

Sure, saving the bros means we have to put up with their shenanigans (yes, bro, we lift too), but we’ll never have to live without the trusty reminder to go big or go home.

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