We could spend hours watching the Food Network. But if we’re being honest, it’s more for food porn purposes than immediate cooking instruction (sorry, Giada!). If we really want to learn about the art of pickling or how to roast the perfect chicken, we need someone to spoon-feed us.

And that’s what makes Salted so great. The site provides an endless stream of easy-to-follow culinary tutorials from top chefs around the country. Search by skill (how to make the perfect pancake), recipe (chicken tikka masala), or course (the ultimate vegetarian starter class). We especially love how you can search for recipes based on the mood you’re going for, from romantic to festive.

The coolest part? Salted has a virtual chef hotline. Enter your burning culinary questions (Can I substitute applesauce for sugar?) and one of the site’s experts will respond to you by phone or email within 30 minutes.

Still unsure? Our friends at Salted are offering all Greatist readers a three-month free trial. Simply enter the code GREATIST when signing up.