Rolo Travel Bag

“Packing light” is a phrase in few people’s travel vocabulary. The night before—or (gasp!) the morning of—most vacations, we often find ourselves haphazardly chucking clothes into an oversized suitcase. Inevitably we forget at least one much-needed item (socks, deodorant, shoes), while packing things we don’t really need (like the entire Harry Potter series).

Rolo, a super-compact travel bag, is just the thing to reform our over-packing ways. The bag’s design—with separate mesh compartments for shirts, pants, socks, and underwear, plus a metal hook for easy hanging—reminds us of our favorite travel toiletry bag. Which is no surprise—the creators of Rolo were inspired by the way you can neatly fit tons of toiletries into these handy carry-alls.

We recently tested out the Rolo on a weekend getaway and were shocked by how easily four days worth of clothing fit into a bag the size (and shape) of a yoga mat. And there was no need to unpack upon arrival. We simply used the hook to hang it up in the closet and voilà, we had our travel wardrobe. There’s even better news for outdoorsy types: Rolo was specifically designed to fit where the bedroll goes on hiking backpacks so you can fill your backpack with other hiking essentials.

The best news of all: Greatist readers get a 15 percent discount by using the code “GREAT” at checkout.