Premier Down-Like Personal Choice Density Pillow

As we lie awake at night (again!), our mind starts to wander and think about all the reasons why we can’t seem to catch some quality shut-eye. Maybe we’re too warm under all of these blankets. Or maybe it’s the fact that we sleep on our side. Or maybe our old mattress is to blame.

We never thought that our pillows—the afterthought of the bedding aisle—could be the real reason we couldn’t fall asleep. That is, not until we heard a friend gushing about the two-pack of pillows he’d just bought from Amazon. Being all-too-willing guinea pigs to try out any new product that promises a better night’s sleep, we ordered ourselves a pair of these pillows. The Premier Down-Like Personal Choice Density Pillow—yes, we know the name is a mouthful—was somehow soft enough to ease us right into a dreaming state, while also being firm enough to give our neck the support it so desperately needs. We woke up the first morning after using the pillow feeling well-rested without any of the neck pain we’d gotten used to.

We’ll admit there was a little bit of sticker shock when we first bought the pillows (We’d never spent more than $10 on a pillow, so forking over more than $20 felt extravagant.). But after months of use, these pillows have yet to get limp and lifeless, so consider these an investment for many restful nights ahead. After all, few things are more important for your body and brain than a good night’s sleep.