The plank is where it’s at when it comes to core strength, but the simple-looking exercise also works the back, arms, and glutes—something you realize when your arms start shaking and your hips start lowering after holding the move for more than 30 seconds.

So for this month’s challenge, we chose to hold a plank every day for a designated amount of time, ultimately ending with a 5-minute plank! If that sounds like a crazy-long time to stare at the ground, feel free to switch up your plank position, rotating from forearms to hands or even doing side plank for a few seconds. Just make sure to hold your body in a straight line from the top of your head down to your heels, and keep that core tight. Good form will ensure results and protect your body from injury.

Challenges are hard (change doesn’t happen any other way), but don’t worry, we’ll be right there with you every plankin’ minute of the way, shaking, sweating, but mainly laughing. Grab some friends, turn on some tunes, and chat about what you’re going to karaoke at happy hour during the 4-minute plank on day 27. Who said fitness isn’t fun?

Share your progress using the hashtag #dontdrop, and be sure to check back in December for a new challenge.

30-Day Plank Challenge

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