Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation

Nothing sends us into an instant panic quite like seeing the low battery notification on our smartphone. Sure, we let it charge while we sleep, but answering all of those emails, grabbing directions, and scrolling through Instagram can suck up the juice pretty quickly. We know all of the tricks to extend our battery life—turning down the brightness of the screen and switching airplane mode on—but that red bar keeps inching downward. So we do the next best thing: Stake out coffee shops for the only available wall outlet or ask bartenders to plug in our phone behind the bar.

We know we’re pretty shameless when it comes to making sure our phone doesn’t die. Luckily those days are behind us now that we discovered the Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation. The portable charger comes with a sleek design that’s smaller than the size of a wallet, so it fits perfectly in most pockets and handbags. We love that the PowerStation is a universal battery—just plug in your USB charger to the battery and hook it up to whatever device you need to charge from smartphones to tablets, no matter the make or model.

And the charger is seriously fast, juicing up phones from low battery to a full charge in just over an hour. We found that the battery could charge our smartphone two times before it ran out of battery itself and needed to be charged back up. A convenient green light on the side of the PowerStation lets you know how much juice the battery has left.

The only drawback: Now that we don’t have a fear of ending up with a low battery, it’s even harder to pull us away from our phones.