Mornings can be rough, especially if you aren’t an a.m. person. But no matter if you’re a night owl or an early bird, the way you start your morning has a huge impact on the rest of your day.

At this point, we’ve all heard tons of tips (drink water to boost metabolism!) to start things off on the right foot. They’re simple tricks that can instantly put you in a better mood (and might even have you yelling “I’m a sexy beast!” as you walk down the street), yet they’re also the kind of advice that’s easy to forget.

So this month we gathered our favorite tips and created a challenge to hack your morning. (Check out the full calendar below!) We’re not talking about any major life changes. Easy things—turning up the music, making your bed—can get your endorphins flowing and reduce stress. Sure, avoiding the snooze button, meditating, and stretching may sound overwhelming all at once, but we’re excited to take this one day at a time with you. Mix and match the days to figure out what works best for you so you can totally own your morning routine. And once you do, you’ll own the day and feel healthier and happier overall.

Let us know the tips you love and the ones you find challenging by using #morninghacks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And don’t forget to check in next month for a brand new challenge.

The 31-Day Morning Hacks Challenge