The 30-Day Greatist and Stoked Challenge to Take More Risks

Following a daily routine can be comforting, and it’s a great way to add stability to your life, especially with the chaos of the world around us. But keeping a rigid schedule also means we rarely step out of our comfort zones. So we’re not just forgetting to take time to smell the roses, we also miss out on that spontaneous hike that would have shown us even more glorious parts of nature. We get it; trying something new requires courage, but taking that leap can open up amazing life experiences.

That’s why we’ve partnered with our friends at STOKED to create a challenge that’s all about taking small risks every day. The award-winning non-profit is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and over the last decade, STOKED has helped thousands of underprivileged kids try something new and uncomfortable, like snowboarding and surfing. These experiences help kids build confidence and teaches them they can succeed at things that seem daunting. (To learn more and/or donate to STOKED, check out their website.)

This month’s challenge includes small risks designed to make you feel a little uncomfortable, from introducing yourself to stranger on the street to rocking a solo karaoke performance. We all have a different level of tolerance for risk taking, so we also recommend jotting down a few activities that scare you and taking time to tackle them throughout the month. If you’re feeling inspired, share your risky adventures and new beginnings by using the hashtag #greatistrisk! And don’t forget to check back next month for a brand new challenge.

The 30-Day Challenge to Take More Risks

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A note from our Founder and CEO, Derek:

STOKED is a really special organization and I’m very proud to sit on its “Board of Stokers.” To me, STOKED is really about getting kids to try something new and uncomfortable, then build confidence and experience by jumping in and realizing they can succeed at things that seem scary! If this message resonates with you, I encourage you to participate in our monthly challenge and join their Stoked Igniter Program like I did. For just $10 per month you’ll help fund after-school programs for underprivileged, inner-city kids to gain professional skills and the confidence to put them into action. Learn more and donate here!