West coast, best coast? East is beast? A new infographic from ZocDoc, a healthcare website and app that helps people find peer-reviewed doctors within their insurance network, reveals the top 10 cities that are home to America’s highest-rated doctors.

How did they determine where docs rock the most? Using feedback and reviews from patients, ZocDoc ranked doctors based on in-office wait time, bedside manner, and how happy patients were with their overall visit. The way ZocDoc works, only people who've seen the doctors in question can comment, so the rankings reflect the reported experience of actual patients. And ZocDoc didn't just use the positive feedback to determine the list. ZocDoc's round-up made use of a wide array of opinion—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The infographic also reveals the specialties of top doctors in each state. Oregon has the highest-rated gynecologists, while its neighbor to the north, Washington, ranks fourth overall and has both the highest-rated ear, nose, and throat specialists and best in-office wait time. For another two-fer, meet me in St. Louis for the highest-rated primary care physicians and beside manner.

So where can you find the shortest wait time, superlative bedside manner, and best-ever dentists? Here's ZocDoc's list of the top 10 cities for satisfied patients:

10. Los Angeles, CA
9. Philadelphia, PA
8. San Francisco, CA
7. Chicago, IL
6. San Diego, CA
5. St. Louis, MO
4. Seattle, WA
3. Boston, MA
2. Austin, TX
1. Portland, OR