Here’s an all-too-common series of events: We get home from work, feeling both hungry and tired after owning our to-do list and crushing it in the gym. We open the fridge and contemplate a meal made up of half an avocado, Greek yogurt, and a variety of condiments. It seems like a fun challenge for a minute, but only for a minute—we have to get delivery.

But how do we know the food on the takeout menu is actually healthy? Sure, it says “salad,” but we’ve seen enough morning show segments to know not all salads are created equal (and some are basically like eating a seven-layer cheese dip atop a bed—or more like yoga mat—of lettuce).

These very real concerns were erased the minute we discovered HealthyOut. Open the app (available on both iOS and Android devices), plug in your address, and HealthyOut offers dozens of truly healthy suggestions for delivery, pick up, and dining out in your area. You can filter by nutrition (virtually every type of dietary restriction), cuisines, ingredients, and the type of dish you’re looking for. The app suggests specific dishes from a variety of (otherwise not-so-healthy) restaurants. Simply add your selected items to your cart and order directly from the app. HealthyOut knows what’s what in 500 cities across the U.S., with more cities being added all the time. It’s like Yelp and Seamless had a kale-loving baby—we’re in healthy food heaven.