Workout clothes have come a long way from the leotards and leg warmers favored by the Jazzercise set. Now we can choose from seemingly endless color combos and moisture-wicking abilities that are both fashionable and functional. But what if your workout clothes had the power to make you want to sweat more? We partnered with ViewSport, makers of sports apparel with sweat activated technology, to do exactly that.

At first glance, the super-soft gray top says “I’m Great”—because you are. Put in a grueling workout that leaves you dripping in sweat and “I’m Great” turns into “I’m a Greatist.” The magical microfiber shirts come in crew neck for men and v-neck for women. And since we know some people prefer less sweaty endeavors, there’s also a limited-edition, teal crew neck available for the ladies. No hidden message appears on the front of this one, but you might want to watch your back.

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