There’s too much Internet—with wonders like Peeps-flavored milk—and too little time. That’s why we curate a list of the best of the best (a.k.a. “the Greatist”) things we’ve come across on the Web this week. In other words, it’s the stuff we’d email/gchat/tweet/text you immediately if we were besties. While we’ll never stop striving to bring our readers amazing content on a daily basis, we know not all the best stuff comes from us.

1. After People Tried to Body Shame This Guy Dancing at a Concert Something Amazing Happened (BuzzFeed)

If you need your faith in the Internet (and humanity) restored, look no further than this story. After some mean-spirited concertgoers body shamed a guy dancing near them (and posted photos of him online), hundreds of people around the Web fought back, rallying to find him and throw a huge dance party. The coolest part? The hashtag #FindDancingMan was so popular it even caught the attention of Pharrell and Moby, who volunteered to DJ the party.

2. Endlessly Distracted? Blame Your Own Creative Genius (Fast Company)

Do you find yourself easily distracted by the conversations other co-workers are having (let me pause my music so I can hear what they’re saying) or even the songs they’re humming along to (wait, I think I know that song!)? It turns out being distracted by all of those sensory inputs might mean you’re more creative that the rest of us. Just use that explanation the next time your boss asks why you get distracted so often—Facebook certainly isn’t to blame.

3. Is Clean Eating Bullshit? (Refinery29)

Clean eating is the diet—or anti-diet depending on who you ask—that’s in vogue right now. And it gets many things right, like emphasizing the importance of whole, unprocessed foods and eating whenever you get hungry. But clean eating also has so many shortfalls. What happens when you call some foods clean? Other food gets labeled “unclean” or bad, which makes you feel guilty anytime you find yourself with your hand in the cookie jar.

4. Here’s What Happens to Your Knuckles When You Crack Them (Vox)

If your mom ever told you cracking your knuckles would give you arthritis, you can forward this video her way. (You’re in the clear: Most scientific studies show no correlation between cracking your knuckles and an increased risk of developing arthritis). Our friends at Vox also dive deep into the science behind what causes that sweet, sweet cracking noise.

5. The Firefighter’s Workout (The New York Times)

Have you ever looked at the firefighters calendar? If not, you really should. (We promise we’ll be waiting right here when you’re done browsing.) The point is: They’re super fit. And they have to be. Carrying more than 50 pounds of equipment and running into burning buildings puts a crazy amount of stress on your body. The New York Times takes us inside one New Jersey firehouse to check out the impressive functional fitness routine these firefighters use. And yes, it includes a firehose battle ropes section.

6. The Good, the Bad, and the Hangry (The New Yorker)

Hunger doesn’t just make us want to beeline in the direction of any food smell. It causes us to buy more things at department stores, makes us better gamblers, and above all else, makes us hangry. The New Yorker takes a look at the many ways that hunger affects us that have nothing to do with trying to eat more food—and explains how these reactions might have been valuable to our ancestors, but end up being more of an annoyance to us today.