There’s too much Internet—with wonders like the physics of popcornand too little time. That’s why we curate a list of the best of the best (a.k.a. “the Greatist”) things we’ve come across on the Web this week. In other words, it’s the stuff we’d email/gchat/tweet/text you immediately if we were besties. While we’ll never stop striving to bring our readers amazing content on a daily basis, we know not all the best stuff comes from us.

1. At Chipotle, How Many Calories Do People Really Eat? (The Upshot)

Chipotle is the healthier alternative to burger and pizza fast food chains, right? After all, the menu includes offerings like naturally-raised beef and antibiotic-free chicken. While the food is far less processed than McDonald’s, the Upshot found that the most popular Chipotle meals clock in at more than 1,000 calories—about half the calories most adults should be consuming daily.

2. Why You Crave Twinkies After Smoking Marijuana (The Washington Post)

Scientists and stoners alike have known that smoking weed makes you want to eat basically everything in sight—preferably something fried or covered in Nutella. But we haven’t known the thing that triggers those munchies, until now. Researchers at Yale found that neurons that usually suppress our appetite, do the exact opposite after we take a few hits. So there might actually be some credence to Bethenny Frankel’s claim that she’s working on a strain of munchie-free marijuana.

There’s No Morality in Exercise: I’m a Fat Person and Made a Successful Fitness App

The coolest thing about exercise is you don’t need to have any special equipment (or any coordination) to get started. There is a common storyline, however, that exercise is torture for people who don’t already have fit and toned bodies—we might have dodgeball in gym class to thank for that idea. But this app developer proves you don’t have to look like the fitness models that plaster magazine covers to create a successful (and fun!) workout game.

4. Real Runners Do Take Walk Breaks (The New York Times)

Do you think most marathoners run (or even jog) the full 26.2 miles? A growing number of racers use a run-walk-run method—and not just because they’ve grown fatigued and need to slow down their pace. The quick walk breaks (usually 60-seconds every one-and-a-half miles) even led to similar overall paces and finish times to traditional joggers in a small recent study of marathon runners.

5. The Cookie Conspiracy (Central Track)

This will probably come as no surprise to the most hardcore Girl Scout cookie connoisseurs: The boxed treats come from two different bakeries, which means Thin Mints taste slightly different depending on where you buy them across the country. But to the rest of us, our childhood is starting to feel like a lie. The good people at Central Track have taken it upon themselves to test out boxes from each bakery and give a rundown of all of the different notes and flavors—with as many details as the best sommeliers.