We need a playlist full of bumping beats to get us through every workout. But that also means we have to figure out where we’re going to put our smartphone. We could stick it in our pocket, but all of the bouncing—we’re not exactly gazelles on the treadmill—tests out the limits of the drawstring in our shorts. We’ve tried exercise armbands too, but they start to feel like blood pressure cuffs after only a few minutes (or they bounce up and down with us, and ultimately fall off). Then we discovered FlipBelt. It’s basically a sporty and more innovative fanny pack, which may not sound like the coolest gear, but actually is.

Made from spandex, the FlipBelt fit snugly against our waist (it comes in sizes from extra small to extra large, so it’ll truly fit). And its design is simple and elegant. The belt is one big tubular pocket with two large openings in the front and two small openings in the back. The multiple openings meant we had easy access to not only our smartphone, but also the other things we brought along, like wallet, keys, and energy gel. The coolest part: Even with all of those things strapped in, the FlipBelt didn’t chafe or ride up mid-run—and nothing fell out. With the carrying problem solved, we can finally focus on improving our lackluster running form.

And to make the FlipBelt even more enticing, the comapny is offering Greatist readers a 15 percent discount. Just use the code “greatist15” at checkout.