Flavour App

it’s a first date Flavour

This app pulls restaurant recommendations from critics, top bloggers, and industry experts. (Right now it has recommendations for New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami with plans to roll out in more cities nationwide in the coming months). Aside from Flavour’s on-point suggestions, the app is beautifully designed and comes with tons of bells and whistles. Like other restaurant discovery apps, it lets you search by neighborhood, cuisine, and type of dining (late night, outdoor seating, live music, BYOB). And then it goes above and beyond, giving users the ability to create restaurant wish lists, called collections—we’ve already started one for the best dessert spots near our headquarters (because, #treatyoself). The team at Flavour also curates collections for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Restaurant Week. And once you find a restaurant you want to check out, there’s often the option to make a reservation right from the app. But the Flavour experience doesn’t stop there. Whip out the app when you’re out to eat to find notable dishes—the inside scoop on the best things that restaurant has to offer.

So go ahead, download the app and impress your friends next time you’re looking for a new spot to try. You can even tell them you found the place all on your own—we promise we won’t tell.