Stuff We Love: Edamam Nutrition Wizard

Edamam Nutrition Wizard

The one great thing about eating frozen dinners is you know exactly what you’re getting. Well, at least in terms of stuff like calories and carbohydrates—it can take a chemist to understand (and pronounce) all of the ingredients they’ve added to your meal. (Can you say "disodium guanylate"? No really, can you?) That’s part of the reason we started cooking at home in the first place.

But when we look to Pinterest and cookbooks for inspiration, it’s hard to know if the meals we’re salivating over are actually good for us. Sure, the chicken recipe says its healthy and even substitutes Greek yogurt for sour cream and quinoa for couscous, but we have no idea if its nutritious or a calorie bomb.

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That’s where Edamam’s Nutrition Wizard comes in. Head to the website, paste the recipe into the wizard, select the number of servings it makes, wave the magic wand (OK, you actually press the "analyze" button), and voilà, you’ve got the full nutritional breakdown of any homemade meal. We're talking not only calories, carbs, and protein; it lists 25 nutrients—everything from zinc to vitamin B6—and personalizes the percentage of your daily value based on your height, weight, gender, age, and activity level. We also love how the wizard reminds you about the dietary restrictions that the recipe meets—a godsend when we look for recipes to make for our vegan and gluten-free friends.

Edamam is offering Greatist readers a special discount to try out the nutrition wizard. Use the code GRTST at checkout to try the basic version for $4 per month or the premium version with extra bells and whistles for $8 per month.

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