‘Tis the season for spending cash. Even if your friends and family have agreed to forego gifts this year (lucky you), things like extra groceries for your umpteenth holiday potlock, slighly fancier bottles of wine (#yolo), and about one jillion unexpected travel fees may have you counting down the days until your next paycheck. (Tip: Make it a festive countdown by using one of those advent calendars!)

Money problems can cause a lot of stress, which is why this month’s challenge is all about the little tricks to help you save—without feeling like a Scrooge. From finding a free workout online to Googling promo codes before you check out, we’ll give you plenty of useful tips to help you stress less this holiday season. Because even on a budget, it can still be the most wonderful time of the year.

We’ll be testing out these tricks right along with you, so don’t forget to share how you’re saving this December using #trickstosave. And be sure to check back in January for an all new challenge.

30-Day Money-Saving Challenge

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