Stuff We Love: DailyBurn Black Fire

DailyBurn Black Fire

We’ve come up with every excuse in the book to skip a workout. We don’t have enough time. The gym is annoyingly crowded after work. We’d rather catch up on Netflix. But then a friend introduced us to Black Fire, a new DailyBurn program of streaming workouts you can do at home (or really anywhere). Suddenly all of the excuses faded away, and we were actually excited to sweat. Part of that probably has to do with the fact that Bob Harper—yes, the super motivational trainer from The Biggest Loser—leads all of the workouts.

We have to admit that with a name like Black Fire, we were worried that the workouts would be too intense. But the 60-day program is specifically designed to ease you into the high-intensity workouts. The program includes five 20-minute sessions a week with two days for recovery. We loved that Bob (Yep, we're pretty much BFF) spent so much time at the beginning teaching proper form for each exercise. But Bob and the gang don’t ever let you get too comfortable. Once you've got the moves down, they add in dumbbells, medicine balls, and box jumps to spice things up (and make sure you never get bored).

The coolest part about Black Fire is the scoring system, which makes it easy to track the dramatic improvements you make over the two months. And after the 60 days, we didn’t just feel more fit (that’s a given), but we also noticed we had better endurance, balance, and speed.

This post is sponsored by DailyBurn. We take our partnerships seriously, which is why we’ll never collaborate with a brand unless we profoundly believe in their mission. We think DailyBurn fits that bill—we trust them to make a difference and they trust us to write great articles that (like everything on our site) are science-backed, informative, and original.

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