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Fall is still fairly young, and you have plenty of time left to do your Christmas shopping, right? Well, maybe. But if you’re shopping online this year, you can probably expect longer shipping times than usual, so the sooner you start the better.

If you’re looking for the perfect thing for a gourmet of any stripe, these are all the best food and drink Christmas gifts you can buy online—so start checking off your list.

From delicious individual food and drink gift ideas to ongoing food and beverage subscriptions and even kitchen tools to help your food-loving friends and fam make great meals at home, we’ve picked the best Christmas presents for all sorts of palates, personalities, and situations—and if you start now, you’ll have plenty of time to get them by Christmas.

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The Best Edible Advent Calendars for 2020

Get ready to count down the days ’til Christmas with a parade of edible (or drinkable) treats, from wine and cheese to chocolate and beer—even pork rinds and popcorn (and pet treats too)! See our picks for the Best Food and Drink Advent Calendars for 2020, or zero in on the Best Boozy Advent Calendars if you’re after wine, beer, or something stronger.

The Best Food & Drink Subscriptions to Give

There’s a subscription out there for everyone, and we rounded up the best ones for food and drink (plus some great gift card options). These make a perfect present, and you can buy them at the very last minute in case you know you’re going to wait. See the best food and drink subscriptions for last minute Christmas gifts.

Sweet Gifts for Chocolate Fanatics

From off-the-charts chocolate confections to charming chocolate items you can’t actually eat, these are the best Christmas gifts for chocolate lovers.

Gifts for Food-Loving Families

Know a tight-knit clan that lives in the kitchen? Treat them to one of these family-friendly options that’ll bring them even more joy at meal time. See our favorite Christmas gifts for families that love food.

Gifts for Meat Lovers to Sink Their Teeth Into

Know a true meathead (in the nicest way possible)? Check out the best Christmas gifts for meat lovers on your list.

Super Secret Santa Gifts (That You Can Eat)

These delicious gifts are great for present swaps at the office (uhhh, maybe not this year), but also perfect for lots of other people on your list. See our favorite Secret Santa food gifts, from chocolate to hot sauce.

Charming Etsy Food Gifts

It is possible to support small businesses and still shop online. Check out these great Etsy food gifts for Christmas.

Great Gifts for Acquaintances

Shopping for your close friends and family can be a trial, but picking a gift for someone you only sort of know is even harder. That’s why we collected some things practically anyone would love. See our picks for best gifts for neighbors, friends of friends, and acquaintances.

Hot Gifts for Spice Fiends

Have a hot head on your list? These gifts are *fire emoji* (aka, perfect for them). See our picks for the Best Gifts for Hot Sauce Lovers.

Gourmet Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Looking for a little something? These stocking stuffers are all under $10 (most under $5), and sure to please any food or wine fan. See our Favorite Stocking Stuffers Under $10.

Vegan-Friendly Food Gifts

Vegans love food gifts too, but you have to be careful about what you buy (hidden honey, animal-based gelatin, and other non-plant-based ingredients can crop up where you don’t expect them). To take the guess work out, we rounded up the Best Vegan Food Gifts to give.

Best Gifts for Healthy Eaters

Got a friend who loves to eat, but puts a premium on healthy habits? See our Chowhound Gift Guide 2019: Best Gifts for Food Lovers Who Are Also Health Nuts.

Great Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers

Curd nerds, cheddar heads, and brie fiends will all melt for these delightfully cheesy gifts. See our Chowhound Gift Guide 2019: Best Gifts for Cheese Lovers.

Star Gifts for “The Great British Baking Show” Fansupdated Sept. 21

Even those who still aren’t over losing Mary, Mel, and Sue (or Sandi…) will cheer up when they unwrap these showstoppers. See our Chowhound Gift Guide 2020: Gifts for Fans of “The Great British Baking Show”.

15 Under-$15 Food Gifts Hand-Picked For You

Our executive editor picked out 15 amazing under-$15 gifts for every food lover on your list (and OK, one is $16, but it’s too adorable to pass up)! See the best food gifts under $15.

Homemade Food Gifts You Can Make No Matter What Your Skills

A homemade gift is always extra-special, and often a lot more affordable for the giver too. These easy homemade food gifts would make anyone smile this season.

Better-Than-Homemade Goodies You Can Order Online

Whether you need dessert for your own holiday table or want to show someone love via baked goods, these cakes, cookies, pies, and more can be delivered nationwide. See the Chowhound Gift Guide 2019: Best Mail Order Cookies, Cakes, Pies, and Treats to Order Online.

Best Beer Clubs and Beer Subscription Box Gift Ideas

If you want to treat the suds lover in your life to an ongoing subscription, they’ll love you for it. See our Best Beer Clubs and Subscription Boxes guide.

Festive Craft Beers for Gifting

If you’d rather put a bow on an actual bottle (or six), check out the best holiday craft beers to give.

Best Wine Subscriptions to Give as Gifts

A nice bottle by itself is a great gift, but a wine subscription is the ultimate present for your favorite oenophile. See Chowhound sister site CNET’s Best Wine Subscriptions guide.

“Grape” Wine Gifts You Can Wrap

Still, if you want something you can actually wrap up and tie with a bow, try these charming (and useful) wine gadgets and gifts on for size instead. See our picks for best gifts for wine lovers (and don’t forget these other fun wine accessories).

Decanters We Can’t Get Enough Of

Know a wine or whiskey drinker who deserves to sip in style? Get them one of these fun and functional decanters.

Chic Bar Cart Gifts Under $100

From lots of fun and thoughtful little extras to a couple of affordable bar carts themselves, these gifts are perfect for your favorite cocktail fan (with some picks for wine lovers and mocktail mixologists too). And there’s something for every budget, with nothing topping $100. See our Best Home Bar Gifts.

The Best Coffee Subscriptions to Gift Your Favorite Java Fiend

Whether your favorite coffee fanatic is into fair trade, trendy drinks, maximum efficiency, or just good old espresso, there’s an ideal coffee subscription to give them (even one for dog lovers!). Check out our picks for Best Coffee Subscriptions.

Cute Coffee & Tea Gifts for Caffeine Fiends

If your main coffee addict is already full of beans and your top tea fan leaves you hanging when it comes to what they want, you can still delight them with a cute accessory like these charming (and useful) gifts for coffee and tea lovers. And don’t miss these 12 coffee products you never knew you needed (even if your recipient already has them, you might want to add them to your coffee nook!).

Under-$25 Gifts You Can Order on Amazon

If you have Prime, you can still snag these budget-friendly gifts in time! See the best under-$25 Christmas gifts you can get on Amazon.

Under-$70 Amazon Kitchen Items

If you have a bit more wiggle room in your budget, these chic kitchen items from Amazon will come just in the nick of time too, and all are under $70. See the best Amazon kitchen Christmas presents you can still order.

The Best Looking Appliances & Cookware to Class Up Any Kitchen

We value form and function, but we can’t lie: It’s these appliances’ looks that drew us in. (The reliable quality made us stay.) See the most beautiful kitchen gadgets, cookware, and appliances to give.

The Best Big-Ticket Kitchen Gadgets and Cookware to Give

These kitchen tools, gadgets, and appliances are great gifts for anyone just starting to outfit a kitchen or in need of an upgrade (and anyone who’s been dreaming of an Instant Pot or air fryer but hasn’t gotten one yet). See our picks for the best cookware and kitchen appliances to give.

Global Kitchen Gifts for Internationally Inspired Cooks

For those who love cooking international cuisine, the proper tools and pantry items can come in handy. See some of our favorite international kitchen gadgets for global cuisine and cooking.

8 Great Affordable Knives to Gift

Good knives are absolutely essential in the kitchen, and any of these will make you look sharp. See the best affordable knives for 2019.

Tools That Make a Cook’s Life Easier

These kitchen tools are on a smaller scale but will still prove infinitely useful to any cook. Check out our favorite kitchen gadgets and tools to give.

The Best Dutch Ovens for Every Type of Cook

Everyone needs a Dutch oven—they can do so much, and they look so good. These are our 10 favorite Dutch ovens of the year; they’ll hold up forever and make their new owner happy for a lifetime. See the best Dutch ovens of 2020.

Sizzling Skillets to Wrap Up This Year

A skillet is an absolute kitchen essential, and if you know someone who could use a new, high-quality pan, these are our favorites in every price range. See our picks for the best skillets of 2020.

Cookware Sets for Every Budget

If you’re feeling generous and want to outfit a lucky cook with the works, we also picked out the best cookware sets for a range of budgets and preferences. See our collection of the best cookware sets of 2020.

The Best Direct-to-Consumer Cookware Brands to Buy

In a whole other category, direct-to-consumer cookware brands offer great quality, often-stunning looks, and competitive prices as well; the only caveat is that you have to buy them online—but most of us already do that anyway. Browse the best direct-to-consumer cookware brands and pieces of 2020.

The Best New Cookbooks Coming Out This Fall

There’s a slew of new cookbooks coming out this fall that are perfect for gift-giving season. See our Favorite New Cookbooks for 2020.

The Best Holiday Cookbooks for a Truly Happy Season

These titles, both new and classic, will help you celebrate in style—with less stress—from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve. Check out The Best Holiday Cookbooks.

Pop Culture Cookbooks for Movie & TV Fans

If you know a home cook who’s also a major “Downton Abbey,” Star Wars,” or “Supernatural” fan, you’re in luck. Here are the best new movie and TV cookbooks to give as gifts.

Meaty Reads for Carnivorous Cooks

Know a committed carnivore who loves to cook? See our picks for The Best Meat Cookbooks.

Toast-Worthy Wine Reads

For wine lovers who thirst for knowledge about their favorite grapes and those who want to cook with the good stuff, check out The Best Wine Books and Cookbooks.

Eye-Opening Books for Coffee Lovers

From cookbooks to coffee manuals, these titles are sure to give any java fan a jolt of pleasure. See the Best Books for Coffee Lovers.

Best Books to Give to Bakers

From classic tomes to brand new baking books, these make great holiday gifts (but would also be a huge help to you during holiday baking season). See the Best Baking Books to Give as Gifts.

Global Cookbooks for World Travelers

These international cookbooks let you go globetrotting in your own kitchen and help satisfy a little wanderlust along with simple belly hunger. See the Best Travel Cookbooks for International Cuisine.See our sister sites’ holiday gift guides for more: