Like fashion and food, beauty trends come and go. We’re the first to say we’re glad the trends of thick eyeliner and stick-straight hair ushered in by Avril Lavigne and Pete Wentz in the early 2000s is finally behind us. But we also get nostalgic seeing photos of the shoulder length hairdo Marilyn Monroe rocked in the 1950s and the long and voluminous loose curls that made Farrah Fawcett famous in the 1970s.

This video, “100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute,” is like a walk down memory lane. It also points out just how subjective beauty standards are—and how quick they change. After spending hours in the bathroom crimping and teasing your hair in the 1980s, you’re expected to throw away that hair spray and purple eye shadow in favor of a straightening iron and bold lipstick? That’s enough to give anyone whiplash. So maybe it’s time we put down the women’s magazines and try out some positive self-talk next time you stare yourself in the mirror.