Camelbak Relay Water Filtration Pitcher

Sometimes the simplest products—the ones that turn up at Greatist HQ and quickly become part of our daily routines without any extra effort—are the ones we repeatedly find ourselves recommending to friends, family, and strangers in line at Starbucks (OK maybe not everyone goes that far). That’s what happened with CamelBak’s Relay Water Filtration Pitcher. We’d grown accustomed to the legendary New York City tap water, but the filtered water that came streaming from this pitcher’s wide mouth (within seconds after it was filled) was even better—so crisp and clean—and lacked that all-too-common chlorinated aftertaste.

Drinking eight or more glasses of H20 a day suddenly seems so simple. We’ve found ourselves almost giddy at the prospect of refilling the 10-cup canister and watching in amazement as it filters water at a rate that even the instant-gratification generation finds acceptable. Plus, the sleek design makes it easy to slide in to even the smallest spaces (packed mini-fridge, anyone?). Basically we’ve found it makes staying hydrated and feeling healthy a little easier. And who doesn’t love that?