Breville Mini Smart Oven

Toasters don’t get much love. Like most countertop appliances, they sit unused until you decide you want your sandwich bread to be a little crispy or some melted cheese on your wrap. But then a friend introduced us to Breville Mini Smart Oven—her favorite kitchen appliance. We knew people who were obsessed with their Vitamix and Yonanas, but a toaster?

Well, calling the smart oven a toaster is unfair. Yes, it can brown a piece of bread to crispy, flaky perfection. But it can also bake, broil, roast, and reheat. It’s an all-in-one cooking machine that’s perfect for small kitchens—and the best way to cook and bake meals for one (sayonara, conventional oven).

We were super impressed with the smart oven’s precise controls. When you’re getting ready to toast some bread, choose the desired darkness, the number of slices, and press start—the appliance does all the guess work for you. We also loved the sleek and functional design. On the right side of the glass door are guidelines for where to move the oven rack depending on your desired function—broil on top, bake on the bottom. And best of all: clean up is a breeze. The bottom tray slides out so you can easily clean off the melted cheese that overflowed and bits of toast that crumbled. Can it get any better than that? We don’t think so.