Whether you work in an open office, cube farm, or from the comforts of home, a change of scenery can be a total game changer when you want to boost creativity or zone in on an important project. That’s where Breather comes in. The app lets you book a quiet, private space for any length of time—a short 30-minute recharge or an entire day of productivity. It’s a great option when you need to hold an important meeting or take a phone call that you’d rather not worry about your boss overhearing.

We tested out the Breather app in its initial rollout phase so for now, spaces are only available for booking in New York, San Francisco, and Montreal, but the company has plans to expand to Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. in the coming months.

Booking a space was crazy simple: Select your location, desired time frame, and scroll through beautiful photos to pick your private (or group) oasis. When you arrive, you just open the app, tap the unlock icon, and receive a unique PIN code to open the door. Walking in to our first Breather, we felt like we’d entered our Pinterest board of “dream office spaces.” The furniture was boutique-hotel chic—comfy couches, butterfly-backed leather chairs, Scandinavian-modern table and chairs, and even a Sputnik chandelier.

Breather’s spaces also have plenty of things to inspire creativity: a white board, assorted magazines and books (we leafed through Kinfolk and Lucky Peach), and an almost unlimited supply of Tootsie Rolls. We left feeling refreshed, productive, and ready to once again take on the chaos of the concrete jungle of NYC.