As kids, we were scolded for playing with our food more times than we can count. But our parents might have been more forgiving had our meals turned into works of art. That’s exactly what Sydney-based designer Danling Xiao accomplishes in her art project, Mundane Matters. Xiao started the project as a way to rethink and reimagine common food items. We’ve seen enough kiwis in our day to not get excited about them anymore—unless, of course, someone cleverly carves the fruit to resemble a juicy hamburger. Getting our daily serving of fruits and veggies would be way easier if they all looked like our favorite fast food.

Check out all of Xiao’s culinary masterpieces—from a hot dog made with cherry tomatoes and a potato to an ice cream cone crafted from a pear—in the slideshow below. And be sure to follow Mundane Matters on Instagram to see Xiao’s other work.

You’ll Never Look at Healthy Food the Same Way Again

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Soft drink:


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Ice cream:

pear and chocolate

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Hot dog:

potato, cherry tomatoes, and mustard

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pear and drumstick bone

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Traffic cone:

carrots and tape

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cucumber, beef, and sesame seeds

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carrots and dumpling dough

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sweet chili and cucumber