While Keurig machines are knocked for not being environmentally friendly, they are ideal for anyone who wants a cup of joe (without committing to an entire pot). These days you can find K-cups in all sorts of flavors, both in stores and online. But sometimes we’re not sure we want to buy an entire box of blueberry coffee. Will the fruit complement the nutty notes, or will it turn out to be a gross waste of our money?

Test your flavor limits with Angelino’s Coffee, a subscription service that allows you to decide how many cups you want (48, 96, or 192) and how often you want them delivered. The best part: You can mix and match the 19 varieties of brews, including fun flavors like caramel cream, coconut macaroon, and chocolate raspberry truffle. It’s the easiest way to taste the rainbow without being left with boxes of a brew you end up disliking. Shipping is free, and you get quality java for 51 cents per cup (or as low as 39 cents a cup if you order more). Try finding that deal at any coffee shop! Plus the coffee is shipped straight from the roasting plant (rather than sitting in a warehouse for months), so it’s fresh.

Our only complaint is that not all flavors are compatible with Keurig 2.0 machines, though there’s still enough variety to keep you (and your coworkers, should you choose to order at the office) happy and caffeinated.