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Best Places to Work: Healthy Companies

Do You Work at One of the Healthiest Companies in America?

Think your company should be on our annual list? Here's how to submit a nomination.
The Wild Thing We Didn't Know About Burning Fat (Until Now)

The Wild Thing We Didn't Know About Burning Fat (Until Now)

It turns out that most doctors, dietitians, and trainers even get it wrong.
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Stressed Out

Why Being Stressed Out Is a Good Thing

There's a reason you should learn to embrace it.
Experiencing the Speaking World as a Deaf Person
Women In Locker Room
Ride a Bike

How Long Does It Really Take to Lose a Skill?

Experts explain why riding a bike is forever but high school math is not.
Sex Important to Healthy Relationships
Are all of these condoms as different as the names make them seem?
Anxious People Are Smarter

See Why Anxious People Also Tend to Be Smarter

Worrying has a serious upside.

See Why Our Understanding of Hymens and Sex Is Totally Flawed

Turns out we've been fed a lot of misinformation.
Talking on Phone

Here's Why Old People's Voices Sound Different Than Yours

Changes happen well after that voice cracking during puberty.
Mental Health Journey

This Moving Video Portrays Mental Health As a Lifelong Journey

It's one woman's story, but her struggle is universal.
Running Health Benefits
Hookup Culture

This Video Explains Why People Aren't Hooking up as Much as You Think

Turns out we're not any more promiscuous than previous generations.
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The Easiest Way to Save Money This Holiday Season

You barely have to lift a finger.
Hip-Hop Ballet

We Dare You Not to Smile While Watching These Ballerinas Get Down

They're strutting en pointe to Beyoncé and Sam Smith.
The Real Reason We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

Why We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

Turns out the tales we were told in elementary school were all wrong.
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How to Get the Perfect Cup of Coffee Anywhere, Anytime

It's like a French press but better (it's possible).
Tech Gift Guide

15 Top-Notch Tech Gifts

Guaranteed to impress the savviest techie on your list.
The Best Holiday Gifts Under $25

The 20 Coolest Holiday Gifts Under $25

Don't head down the red and green drugstore aisle yet.
What Having Goose Bumps Says About You (It’s More Than “You’re Cold”)