Home Workout: Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere 1K

The 20-Minute, No-Equipment Workout

Bust out this full-body plan whenever and wherever you want to squeeze in a sweat session.
Desk Push-Up 1K

The Best Exercises You Can Legit Do at Your Desk

Warning: We are not responsible for what your coworkers will think.
Abs Workout: Side Plank

The 15-Minute Core Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Strengthen your abs from every angle with this super quick workout.
How to Do the Perfect Squat 10K

How to Do the Perfect Push-Up, Burpee, Deadlift, and More!

Refine your form and build major strength.
Bodyweight Workout to Build Serious Upper Body Strength

A No-Equipment Upper-Body Strength Workout

Build strength in your arms, chest, back, and core in less than 20 minutes.
Partner Exercises 103K

29 Kick-Ass Partner Exercises

Because everything is better with friends, especially working out.
How Do I Know If I Got a Good Workout?

How to Know If You Actually Got a Good Workout

These six science-backed signs mean you're putting in the right kind of effort.
Squat 4K

The 5 Moves Everyone Should Be Able to Do

You can learn a lot about your current strengths and weaknesses.
Moves to Start Tabata - Greatist 12K

9 Must-Try Moves to Get Started With Tabata

Master these super-effective bodyweight moves.
Plyometric Moves for Strength and Speed - Greatist 47K

19 Powerful Bodyweight Exercises for Strength and Speed

Improve your power and agility and add intensity to any workout with these moves.
Upper Body Moves When You Can't Do A Pull-Up - Plank 2K
Bodyweight Workout for Runners

The Best Bodyweight Workout for Runners

Change up your routine with this strength workout that won't take more than 15 minutes.
The Best Exercises for Your Lower Abs 182K

The Best Exercises for Your Lower Abs

Put some extra effort into the tough-to-target area with these highly effective moves.
Quick Workout: 15 Moves in 15 Minutes 4K

The 15 Minute Workout

Don't have much time to sweat? We've got the perfect solution.
Krav Maga Self-Defense Moves
Young Woman Running Stairs 18K
Multi-tasking Workout Moves 6K
Bodyweight Moves to Do in Your Dorm Room 10K

8 Bodyweight Exercises to Do in Your Dorm Room

This no-equipment workout will spike your heart rate and take up zero space.
12-Day Glute Challenge 80K

Join Greatist's 12-Day Glute Challenge

Because you need a strong backside year-round, not just for beach season.
13 Reasons to Start Bodyweight Training 13K
The 20-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Workout 4K

The 20-Minute, Heart-Pumping Bodyweight Workout

Get your sweat on and burn tons of calories without stepping foot on the treadmill.
Personal Trainer 4K
Grokker Cardio Video 2K

The 20-Minute Total-Body Cardio Workout

Challenge every muscle in your body and burn major calories in just 20 minutes.
30-Minute Home Bodyweight Workout Feature 449K
5 Easy Yoga Moves to Open Tight Hips 26K