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Examine Supplement Reference Guide

What It Is:
The supplement world is filled with confusing names, pseudo-scientific jargon, and a big intimidation factor. That’s why we love’s Supplement Goals Reference Guide: It’s hands-down the best resource on nutritional supplements for beginners and experts alike. Written by the team — which operates independently of supplement companies — the Reference Guide provides all the facts on over 300 supplements in an easy-to-follow format. Search by supplements or individual health goals to find out what’s proven to work — and what’s a waste of your hard-earned fitness bucks.

The Deets:
The $39 price tag may seem steep for newbies to the supplement world, but Reference Guide buyers also get unlimited lifetime updates, so the Guide will always include the most up-to-date research and takeaways possible. Plus, has offered Greatist readers a $10 discount if you buy through the link below! For that, we give the Supplement Goals Reference Guide two big thumbs up.

Why It’s Greatist-Approved:

  • Trustworthy
  • Beginner- and expert-friendly
  • Easy to follow

Buy Now – $29

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