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I'm Handling Death Without Faith, but It Really Sucks

I'm Handling Death Without Faith, but It Really Sucks

Maybe we don’t all need faith. Maybe love is enough religion, for me.
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How to Deal When the Holidays Aren't Exactly Happy

Whether you're riding solo or dealing with family drama, these six strategies will help you cope.
3 Ways to Get Through the Holidays When You've Lost Someone Who Meant the World to You

3 Ways to Handle the Holidays When You've Lost Someone Who Meant Everything

Most of the people in your life want to help, but don't know exactly what you need.
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How a Terrible Tragedy Saved Me From Being a Terrible Person
The Science of Ugly Crying

This Is Why You Ugly Cry

Blame your blood vessels.
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Are You Depressed or Just Sad?

Find out if your feelings are a sign of something more serious.
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How to Spot a Narcissist (It’s Not as Easy as You Think)

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The Scientific Explanation for Resting Bitch Face (Yep, There Is One)
Learn how to complain—effectively.

When Venting Goes from Helpful to Harmful

There's a right (and wrong) way to voice your disappointment.
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Positive Thinking Doesn't (Always) Work 4K

Why Positive Thinking Doesn't (Always) Work

What if embracing our negative side is actually good for us?
How to Deal—and Heal—When a Friend Breaks Up With You
How Being Hangry Can Affect Your Relationship

The Serious Effects of Being Hangry

Turns out that being hangry is a real thing and a thing that really causes romantic quarrels!
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