Dove Selfie
Dove’s latest ad, a short video entitled “Selfie,” has been making waves all over the Internet. But is its message actually a positive one?
Research suggests that watching porn can make viewers more prone to sexist attitudes and behaviors. But don't set up porn-blocking filters just yet — turns out the subject is way more complicated than you might think.
Bizzie Gold
The creator of this tribal-dance-based yoga practice calls it the “female evolution of yoga.” We tried a class to see just how empowering a workout can get.
Can a bra that monitors the wearer’s stress levels teach us how to avoid eating our feelings? Microsoft believes it can.
OP-ED: On reddit subcommunities r/amiugly and r/amisexy, users solicit anonymous feedback on their physical appearance. Are the people that participate sad and superficial — or totally normal?
A women-only nap café opened this week in Tokyo, adding to a growing number of public napping spaces around the globe. Is it evidence that people are (finally) starting to take snooze time seriously?


From Big East Defensive Player of the Year to starting guard for the New York Liberty, Essence Carson is making serious moves — on and off the court. Read on for an inside look at her diet, training, and winning outlook on life.

The FDA has officially approved the use of Plan B, a form of contraception taken the morning after intercourse, as a non-prescription product for women and girls of all ages.

Can heterosexual men and women be friends, or do they only bond for the hope of some sweet, sweet lovin’ down the road? We investigate the science behind male-female friendships.

There have been laughable dates, periodic tears, and lots of people who feel sorry for me. Here’s how I learned to cope with being single when (almost) everyone else my age had already paired off.

GUEST POST: While "fitspiration" can send the wrong message, there are six very real reasons for women to hit the weights. Fitness expert and trainer Dan Trink breaks down why going heavy might just change your life.

Artist Hannah Price took a series of photographs of men who catcalled her on the street. Here’s how her work contributes to our understanding of street harassment.