What Are GWODs?

Greatist Workouts of the Day (GWODs) are high-quality, comprehensive strength and conditioning programs anyone can use. GWODs were created after Greatist.com readers expressed their frustration at a lack of quality fitness programming accessible to the average gym goer. We partnered with some of the best minds in the health and fitness industry to create killer workouts we could give our readers—for free.

The result? Fun and effective workouts that require nothing but your own body and a can-do attitude. GWODs can be done almost anywhere since you don’t need equipment (though they come with instructions on how to make the movements more challenging if needed, which sometimes requires dumbbells). And did we mention they're free?

With GWODs, the question “What should I do at the gym today?” finally has an answer. But that doesn’t mean these are programmed randomly. GWODs can be used for a long-term, progressive training program—just track your results so you can repeat workouts and see how your fitness has improved.

Not ready to ditch your current weekly workout routine? No problem! Every individual GWOD provides an awesome workout you can do anytime, anywhere. So whether you need to cross-train once or twice a week or a fast and effective workout you can do in a hotel room, GWODs are for you. They’re designed to be anything you want them to be!

Welcome to GWODs. We're pumped to have you on board. Let us know how you like your workouts!

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